Anything can be broken down into its basic components: cells into atoms, philosophies into ideas, buildings into bricks and images into pixels.  An individual component, seen up close or evaluated in isolation, reveals little if anything about the whole.  It is only at a distance, conceptual or physical, when the whole can be appreciated for what it is.


It is with this framework that this series relies on Legos as the fundamental building blocks of the images.  The Legos are the pixels, reminding us of the common elements that makeup every person and thing.  Up close we are all the same.  With distance, individuality is exposed.  The use of monochromatic blocks allows the viewer to focus on the process, texture and composition.


In this series, aggregated into blocks of text, selected quotes are carefully arranged, and the letters shaded to reveal recognizable individuals or historical subject matter. This structure enables a visual experience when observing from afar and a reading opportunity when up close.


The quotes and resulting image are inextricably linked with the quotes serving a duality – configuring the image itself and revealing background and insights about the subject matter.  If I am successful, the observer will not only enjoy viewing the image but also read the words, gaining a new perspective on a figure or subject matter that they otherwise didn’t have.

First Words (30x30).jpg

This group of work represents smaller series and individual inspirations.  It demonstrates no consistency in style or subject matter. 


It contains whimsical pieces and political pieces.  Complex images and simple ones.  Often text is incorporated, but not always. 


Regardless of the aforementioned characteristics, the common thread among all these pieces is the intention to engage the viewers with a visual or conceptual juxtaposition.