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                                 Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the artist?

The studio can be reached at

Does Eric do commissions?

Eric has done a number of commissions and always enjoys creating unique pieces for clients.  Please contact the studio if you are interested in working directly with the artist.

What are the shipping options and how much does it cost?

Collector may pick-up purchased artwork directly from the artist in Los Angeles.  Otherwise the collector is responsible for all shipping and any insurance.  Due to the variability in size and weight of the various pieces, it is difficult to quote general shipping rates.  If you have questions about a specific piece, please contact the studio.

What forms of payment can be used?

All major credit cards are accepted on the site.

What is the return policy?

Returns are not accepted on purchased artwork.

Does the artist lend out his work?

Eric’s work can be made available for display in staged homes, offices, hotels and other commercial properties or may be borrowed by art advisors and consultants.

Is the artwork framed?

In almost all instances the artwork comes framed.  Certain pieces, like those face-mounted on plexiglass, are not intended to be framed.  A piece identified in the description as a print will not come with a frame.

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